Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eat This!

I'm not a big football fan, but it IS Superbowl Sunday and it would be positively un-American to not participate in what is the second biggest eating holiday of the year after Thanksgiving!

I'm generally a from scratch girl, but living at 7,200 feet above sea level it's almost impossible to cook beans done without a pressure cooker and I'm not about to buy one, so I'm always on the lookout for good bean stuff.  I'm also a pretty good salsa maker, but this time of year the produce here is a little "meh".  I had a hankerin' for chips and dip and discovered a couple of really good things at Whole Foods.

I found this Better Bean Wholly Chipotle Bean Dip in the refrigerated section by the mochi and vegan meat.  It is WONDERFUL and is my new favorite thing!  It is chunky with whole red beans and is vegan and gluten free, all natural and non-GMO.  I'm not sure I can taste any lime but the chipotle is very prominent and tasty.  It was a little pricy for the size (I don't get my receipts at WF to be environmentally friendly so can't quote the price but around $4) but well worth it if you're not feeding a crowd.  I've already tried it in a quesadilla and on a hot dog, so it's not just a dip!  They also have a black bean variety.

This heirloom tomato salsa is awesome!  I know the price is steep, but by the time you bought the ingredients yourself you'd be into it for more than that so why not let WF do it for you?  I'm also going to go back for more of this - it's full of fresh summer tomato flavor and just spicy enough.  It's a very smooth salsa, not chunky and is really great on eggs.

I'm going to whip me up a batch of fresh guacamole (no substitute for this!) and set up my dipping trio alongside an ice cold Tecate with lime and watch me some Bruno Mars halftime show!  Enjoy your Superbowl Sunday!

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  1. i love fresh guac! my MIL makes it so well i can never replicate her recipe even though she told me a billion times how to do it. i bet she's leaving out her secret ingredient!!!

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